Amanda Jayatissa

- Author of MY SWEET GIRL -
Coming in 2021


Amanda Jayatissa grew up in Sri Lanka, completed her undergrad at Mills College, CA, and lived in the UK before moving back to her sunny little island. She works as a corporate trainer, owns a chain of cookie stores, and is a proud dog-mum to her two, spoiled huskies.

Amanda is represented by Melissa Danaczko from Stuart Krichevsky Literary Agency, Inc.

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My Sweet Girl

Coming in 2021

After 30-year-old Paloma finds her roommate murdered in their apartment, she’s shocked when the police arrive and find no body and no sign of struggle. The authorities believe the roommate never existed, but Paloma is convinced there’s something else going on—something related to her childhood in Sri Lanka and the orphanage where she grew up.
MY SWEET GIRL is a twisty and compulsive #OwnVoices thriller set in present-day San Francisco. Reminiscent of such suspense stories as My Sister, the Serial Killer, Luckiest Girl Alive, and You, this psychological suspense will be published by Berkley Publishing.



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Represented by Melissa Danaczko at Stuart Krichevsky Literary Agency, Inc.


Film Rights: Hannah Vaughn at The Gersh Agency

Translation Rights: Tawanna Sullivan at Penguin Random House

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